Project Tango Debuts Paracosm’s Reality API Scan App at Google I/O

Project Tango developer set to reveal app for Google’s new 3D enabled tablet


Paracosm has built an app which showcases its cloud-based 3D-reconstruction API for use with Google’s new Project Tango tablet. Paracosm’s Reality API Scan App demo will be shown at the Project Tango booth this week at Google I/O.

Amir Rubin, Paracosm's co-founder says, "The app will show how easy it is to capture entire environments in 3D and interact with them using the Tango and our API."

Paracosm hopes showing its app at the conference will inspire other developers to use the platform to create their own exciting 3D apps. While details cannot be revealed until after the I/O debut, the company plans to release a video of the demo after Google’s developer conference.

According to Paracosm's lead engineer on the project, Quinn Martin, the tablet provides a better medium for showcasing what the technology can do. 

“The device feels natural, comfortable and provides a much more immersive experience,” said Martin. Equipped with the Tegra K1, the tablet’s processing power is a big step up from the first Tango device. “When we were working on dense mapping for the Peanut (phone), we were extremely limited in what we could do. The K1 is essentially like a GPU found in a laptop. It's the first of its kind.”

As a 3D imaging provider, one of Paracosm’s key challenges is giving users quality feedback on how well they are scanning, otherwise known as the live operator preview (LOP). The Project Tango tablet's extra processing power provides live operator preview unmatched by any other device on the market.

Paracosm’s team is happy to have its hands on the tablet and to show their demo app at Google I/O. 

"The app will show how easy it is to capture entire environments in 3D and interact with them using the Tango and our API." Amir Rubin, Chief Parakeet, Paracosm
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